Let us introduce ourselves!

We are a family hailing from Avgonyma.
We love the small, but beautiful village and decided years ago to invest in tourism.
In the beginning we operated in 1994, the chop house “Patitiri” and then, where the former elementary school was placed,
the “Arhontiko” restaurant.

“The Star” Restaurant

In 2000, driven by our parent’s inspiration, we (the children) used all the creativity we had in us to build the restaurant “The Star”, with the panoramic view of the Aegean.

In 2007 we added to the restaurant floor, three furnished apartments fully equipped.

‘’Petradi’’ is our latest creation, located near the central square of the village in “CHOROSTASI” (the place that participants in the village- feasts were resting until the next dance).

The building until 1980 was used as a barn for our mule. I remember my grandfather going there to feed “Psari” as we called it.

domatio2In 1980 we made a makeshift repair and in 2014 we converted the place into a modern residence with great respect to tradition.

The combination of stone and wood along with the facilities provided, make up “PETRADI”. Unique as a gemstone true gem of Avgonyma!

We want to welcome you to this beautiful and picturesque place and we would like to wish you to have the best vacations of your life!

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