The Tavern ‘To Asteri’


We have named our tavern ‘To Asteri’ , which actually means, The Star. Have a lunch in our tavern once, and you’ ll immediately find out why we named it like this! Not to gloat, but we know how to cook!

It is a Greek traditional, family-run tavern, a place to savor what is actually good about Greek cuisine!

Our ingredients are all fresh, otherwise we refuse to cook! We collect our produce from local producers or from producers all over the land. They provide the good ingredients, we add our renowned cooking skills and there you have it! Perfection in your plate!


Don’t hesitate to taste our specialties, like coq-au-vin served with hand-made pasta, or baby goat in the pot with sage, even mushrooms if the season calls for it!

Try also the ‘’monk’s dish’’, or simply put, chickpeas with rice! Have you tasted broad beans with tomato sauce?

Our vegetable balls are all made with fresh ingredients, full of flavor and aroma! Do try also our ntolmadakiadolmadakia (vine leave rolls stuffed with rice and herbs), hand-made, cooked with care as to release all the exquisite flavors in your mouth!

Our desserts are also made by family members! Each day with serve something sweet, something yummy!

Bear in mind that you can pre-order your favorite dish or dessert and we’ll make sure you have it the day you desire. For example, you may pre-order fish a day or two before and we’ll cook it any way you like!

Our tavern is open all year round, since it carries a large fire place to warm you up during those cold winter months and a lovely terrace that looks directly to the Aegean Sea and offers a unique view of the sunset, during those wonderful summer months!

We may also host any social event, such as wedding parties or birthday parties, upon arrangement!

We hope you enjoy our dishes, cooked and served with care!

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taverna-exoterikos-xwros-1   taverna-exoterikos-xwrosiliovasilema-taverna