Where to go?

You came to our village and enjoyed the beautiful medieval place and the lovely sunsets.

But what else can you do?

You can organize small trips, swimming at beaches, taste delicious food and visit many beautiful places.


Anavatos Mediaval Village

Anavatos is all impressive, only a five minutes drive from our village! It will take your breath away. This medieval village was built on the mountain… to be hidden from the pirates!

The unorganized  beaches are within up to a 15 minutes drive. Yali, Elinda, Makria Ammos, Tigani and Trachyli.


Elinda beach


Trachyli beach

Trachyli is a nice beach with a small tower on its lest side. To get there, one must drive towards the south.

Elinda is another beach, towards the north and as you may see it forms a bay.


Tigani Beach

Tigani, also located towards the north, is wonderful beach that holds a little surprise. Once you’ ve reached the beach, walk to your right (we must warn you that you must climb some rocks) and finally, you ve reached a small beach that almost faces the one you’ ve left behind.

However, if you choose to bypass with your car Tigani, and move to the left, you shall find another beach literally around the turn of the road! This is Makria Ammos!

You can go to Lithi  if you pull to the south side, and with a little patience, you can get more to the north, to Volissos and admire the medieval castle and swim in Lefkathia beach.


Lithi Beach

If you want to visit monasteries, then on your way to (and from) the Chios (Hora), you will meet Nea Moni, Aghioi Pateres and Agio Marko.

Νεα Μονή

Nea Moni Monastery

Following the road to Agios Giorgis Sykousis, cut from your route, and so you go to the eastern part of the island towards the south.

Of course, the country itself is only 25 minutes away from our village and it is the commercial center of the island. From there, you can go to any direction to the south and east.


Psara Island

There are a lot of places to go, to explore and to savor!

If you need to rent a car, do ask us for assistance! We shall help you find and rent at the best possible price. We’ ll do our best!